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Zhu,Fengxia:The CCP is going backwards to the era of Mao, Zedong Zhu,Fengxia 2022-11-22
Zhu,Fengxia:Political deceit is the specialty of the CCP Zhu,Fengxia 2022-11-1
Zhu,Fengxia:The People’s Republic of China is a fake republic Zhu,Fengxia 2022-9-28
Liu, Funan:There is a wave of fake divorces under the CCP’s authoritarian contro... Liu, Funan 2022-9-19
Qi,Bo :Wuhan People Protest to Close the City Again Qi,Bo 2022-9-13
Li, Mingshan :CCP officials have lost confidence in the future Li, Mingshan 2022-9-11
Wang, Ting :Commemoration: “89 June. Fourth Student Movement” Wang, Ting 2022-8-21
He,Yan : China does not have the right to vote He,Yan 2022-8-20
Qi,Bo :On citizens’right to leave the country Qi,Bo 2022-8-19
Duan,Wenzhe: It is difficult for domestic demand to revive the economy Duan,Wenzhe 2022-8-1
Zhu,Fengxia:Chinese people need to raise awareness of freedom Zhu,Fengxia 2022-8-1
Li,Ruqiang :Rule of law in China is still a long way off Li,Ruqiang 2022-8-1
Qi,Bo :Henan savers’ rights protection was violently abused by the authorities, ... Qi,Bo 2022-7-14
Qi,Bo :The collapse of local governance in China behind the Tangshan beating Qi,Bo 2022-6-18
Zhu,Fengxia: The Phenomenon of Dual Party Members in Chinese Political Life Zhu,Fengxia 2022-6-4
Qi, Ligang:It is inhumane to use organs from executed prisoners Qi, Ligang 2022-5-28
Li, Mingshan :The CCP uses the propaganda of Buddhism to promote itself Li, Mingshan 2022-5-4
Li,Ruqiang : CCP officials pursue vulgar tastes Li,Ruqiang 2022-5-4
Wang, Jinping: Protest against the CCP’s persecution of China Democracy Party Wang, Jinping 2022-5-1
Nan, Quanyi: China’s development is difficult to sustain Nan, Quanyi 2022-4-24
Zhu,Fengxia:The feudal bureaucratic system cannot curb corruption Zhu,Fengxia 2022-4-14
Liu, Funan:China Needs the Enlightenment Movement of Democracy Liu, Funan 2022-4-5
Sun, Ning: To solve the problem of overstaffing in state-owned enterprises Sun, Ning 2022-3-13
Wang, Ting : China should implement real local autonomy Wang, Ting 2022-3-13
Liu, Xiongchuan: The decline of intellectuals is surprising Liu, Xiongchuan 2022-2-18
He,Yan :Talking about the lifelong system of Chinese state leaders He,Yan 2022-2-12
Li, Mingshan :The CCP dictatorship has the possibility of a coup Li, Mingshan 2022-2-12
Wang, Jinping: The incomprehensible Chinese phenomenon Wang, Jinping 2022-2-12
Qi, Ligang:The CCP’s “deprivation of political rights”is a violation of human ri... Qi, Ligang 2022-2-2
Li,Ruqiang :Capitalism Will Overwhelm Socialism Li,Ruqiang 2022-2-2
Zhu,Fengxia:Chinese society is not a trustworthy society Zhu,Fengxia 2022-2-2
Nan, Quanyi: Expanding the consumer market can stimulate production Nan, Quanyi 2022-1-1
Liu, Funan:Extending the term will repeat the mistakes of the former Soviet Unio... Liu, Funan 2022-1-1
Zhu,Fengxia:Fake elections under the CCP Zhu,Fengxia 2021-12-21
Shao,Yixiao :Strongly call on China Communist Party to reform its political syst... Shao,Yixiao 2021-12-19
Li,Ruqiang :State power belongs to the whole people, not a few Li,Ruqiang 2021-12-12
Wang, Ting : China must combat corruption from a system perspective Wang, Ting 2021-12-12
Xu,Qing:The mainland government desperately blocked news Xu,Qing 2021-12-12
Li, Fanglei :Reasons for the prevalence of violence in mainland China Li, Fanglei 2021-12-2
Qi, Ligang:The CCP crossed the border to kidnap China Democracy Party members Qi, Ligang 2021-12-2
Wang, Jinping: Hong Kong people are protecting a free Hong Kong Wang, Jinping 2021-12-2
Chen, Shuhua:The Chinese Communist Party puts forward the slogan of the media su... Chen, Shuhua 2021-11-28
Nan, Quanyi: Why the CCP cadre files are falsified Nan, Quanyi 2021-11-11
Li, Mingshan :There is no fairness in the civil service examination in mainland ... Li, Mingshan 2021-11-11
Zhu,Fengxia:The CCP Strictly Blocks the Internet Zhu,Fengxia 2021-11-11
Qi,Bo :Anti epidemic model of concentration camps in China Qi,Bo 2021-11-2
Qi,Bo :It is not feasible to invest in China at present Qi,Bo 2021-10-26
Duan,Wenzhe: “Enforced disappearance” violates international law Duan,Wenzhe 2021-10-11
Li,Ruqiang :The Communist Party in power is a feudal dictatorship Li,Ruqiang 2021-10-10
Liu, Funan:The CCP’s “political censorship” system is a persecution of human rig... Liu, Funan 2021-10-1
Qi,Bo :Hong Kong legislates against espionage , journalists‘ personal safety is ... Qi,Bo 2021-9-28
He,Yan : China should pay attention to the social unrest caused by the disparity... He,Yan 2021-9-19
Sun, Ning: Realizing a democratic China is the general trend Sun, Ning 2021-9-10
Wang, Jinping: Inquiring about politics on TV is a false move Wang, Jinping 2021-8-18
Qi, Ligang:What does it mean that the county government in China cannot pay wage... Qi, Ligang 2021-8-18
Nan, Quanyi: Where is the way out for China Nan, Quanyi 2021-8-1
Li,Tongtong: Corruption must be punished systematically Li,Tongtong 2021-8-1
Shao,Yixiao :The China Communist Party’s one-party dictatorship is the source of... Shao,Yixiao 2021-8-1
Xu,Qing:China shares “hostage diplomacy”in exchange for the benefits of the powe... Xu,Qing 2021-8-1
Liu, Xiongchuan: I hope China’s diplomacy will become really strong Liu, Xiongchuan 2021-8-1
Liu, Funan:The Politburo of the Communist Party of China is not a collective lea... Liu, Funan 2021-8-1
Chen, Shuhua ;Defend the people better than Fangchuan Chen, Shuhua 2021-7-17
Qi,Bo :The people of China and Hong Kong should strive for democracy together Qi,Bo 2021-7-15
Wang, Ting :CCP corruption has caused environmental degradation Wang, Ting 2021-7-11
Li,Ruqiang :People in a civilized country should have dignity Li,Ruqiang 2021-7-7
Zhu,Fengxia: The CCP has not liberated the Chinese people Zhu,Fengxia 2021-7-1
Li, Mingshan :The CCP strictly blocks online speech Li, Mingshan 2021-6-6
Duan,Wenzhe: Money diplomacy is not real diplomacy Duan,Wenzhe 2021-5-4
Zhu,Fengxia:There is a possibility of a palace coup at the top of the CCP Zhu,Fengxia 2021-4-5
Li,Ruqiang :Predatory development has caused the depletion of China’s marine res... Li,Ruqiang 2021-4-5
Chen, Shuhua :The CCP conceals the truth and fears the people’s awakening Chen, Shuhua 2021-4-5
Qi, Ligang:It is very important to formulate a press law Qi, Ligang 2021-4-5
Wang, Jinping: The power of CCP officials is not restricted Wang, Jinping 2021-4-5
Shao,Yixiao:The Human Rights situation in China Continues to Deteriorate Shao,Yixiao 2021-4-1
Liu, Funan:CCP members have become estranged Liu, Funan 2021-3-13
Duan,Wenzhe: Lawyers in mainland China cannot get legal protection themselves Duan,Wenzhe 2021-2-22
Nan, Quanyi: There is no freedom of assembly in China Nan, Quanyi 2021-2-12
Li, Fanglei :To protect the health of mainland children Li, Fanglei 2021-2-12
Li,Tongtong: The development of the economy also requires the development of cul... Li,Tongtong 2021-2-12
Sun, Ning: China will definitely undergo political change Sun, Ning 2021-2-12
Wang, Ting :It is difficult for the CCP to change the feudal culture of official... Wang, Ting 2021-2-2
Xu,Qing:China needs legal system construction Xu,Qing 2021-1-11
Zhu,Fengxia:The CCP Believes Thousands of Rumors Are the Truth Zhu,Fengxia 2021-1-11
Li,Ruqiang :China is still a feudal society with promotion and fortune Li,Ruqiang 2021-1-1
Li, Mingshan :Can foreign nationals participate in China’s two sessions? Li, Mingshan 2021-1-1
Chen, Shuhua: Mass incidents in China continue to increase Chen, Shuhua 2020-12-11
Duan,Wenzhe: We must pay attention to protecting the environment Duan,Wenzhe 2020-12-2
Zhu,Fengxia:Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Communist Party of China are drifting away Zhu,Fengxia 2020-12-2
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