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[B]Commemorating Hu Yaobang, vindicating June 4 injustice[/B]

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EventsandActions 发表人 Date
Appropriately Resettle the Laid-off Workers CDP 2016-4-5
Commemorating Hu Yaobang, vindicating June 4 injustice CDP 2015-12-19
Strongly Urge the abolition of Mandatory Two Child Policy CDP 2015-11-3
China Arrests 4 After Public Prayer Service VOA 2015-10-27
Releasing human rights lawyer; Improving human rights in China CDP 2015-9-18
Zhang, Guidi :Requirements “release human rights lawyer, human rights in China.” Zhang, Guidi 2015-8-4
Maintaining Internet Freedom; Ensuring World Peace CDP 2015-7-7
Debate Begins Over Hong Kong’s Electoral Reform VOA 2015-6-17
Commemorating the 26th Anniversary of June 4th 1989 Event VOA 2015-6-2
Wang, Jun: Civilized China needs to abolish the death penalty CDP 2015-5-11
21st Annual Commemoration of Vietnam Human Rights Day was held on May 11th 2015 ... CDP 2015-5-11
Eliminate Frog; Saving China CDP 2015-4-29
Abolishing Family Planning; Restoring Health of the Whole Nation CDP 2015-3-3
China needs National Health Insurance VOA 2015-2-3
China to Implement Compulsory Education VOA 2015-1-27
China Extends Custody, Probe of Human Rights Lawyer VOA 2015-1-22
Prominent Tibetan Writer Takes on Facebook VOA 2014-12-30
12 Pro-democracy Protesters Arrested in Hong Kong VOA 2014-12-25
Hong Kong Clears Remaining Protest Sites VOA 2014-12-11
Rule of Law in China should be Independent CDP 2014-12-2
Strongly Protest that Chinese Communist Party Persecute China Democracy Party Me... CDP 2014-10-7
Hong Kong Students Begin Boycott to Protest Beijing Policies VOA 2014-9-22
The Army in China must be nationalized CDP 2014-8-5
Deeply Grieve Excellent China Democracy Party Member Mr. Wang, Rongqing CDP 2014-7-13
China Disrupts Google Services Ahead of Tiananmen Anniversary VOA 2014-6-2
Urging the Chinese Government to Release China Democracy party Members Xu, Guang... CDP 2014-5-9
Congratulation on China Democracy Party Member Xu, Wanping for his releasing fro... CDP 2014-5-6
China Court Upholds Jail Term for Activist VOA 2014-4-11
In Memory of Miss Cao, Shunli, Safeguarding Human Rights in China CDP 2014-4-1
Hu, Qiupeng: “China Dream”is just the CCP Dream Pipedream Hu, Qiupeng 2014-3-8
The Perquisite of Anti-corruption is Judicial Independence CDP 2014-3-4
Tibetan Man Self-immolates in China’s Sichuan Province VOA 2014-2-13
Deepening the Reform; Proclaiming General Amnesty CDP 2014-2-4
Strongly Protest that Chinese Communist Government persecute China Democracy Par... CDP 2014-1-7
Rights Group: China Replacing Labor Camps with ‘Black Jails’ VOA 2013-12-17
Touring Arts Group Seeks to Raise Awareness in China Epoch Times 2013-12-17
Warmly Celebrate the 65th anniversary of “Universal declaration of Human Rights”... CDP 2013-12-3
Witnesses of Xinjiang Police Station Shootings Tell Another Story Epoch Times 2013-11-29
Labor Camps Abolished but Abuse Continues Epoch Times 2013-11-19
Tens of Thousands Petition During Third Plenum in Beijing Epoch Times 2013-11-13
Chinese Regime Promises Reform of Petition System Epoch Times 2013-11-13
Urge the Chinese Government to Release Sick China Democracy Party Member Zhu, Yu... CDP 2013-11-5
Chinese State Media: Growing Concern About Detained Journalist VOA 2013-10-24
Congratulations to Zhang Anni and Zhang Ruli, Daughters of China Democracy Party... CDP 2013-10-1
Tibetan Father of Two Self-Immolates in Protest Against Chinese Rule CDP 2013-9-30
Strongly Urge the Chinese Government to Release China Democracy party Member Zha... CDP 2013-9-3
The notice about expelling Chen, Jianliang from China Democratic Party CDP 2013-9-2
Residents Around Protest that the Newly Built Apartment is Conjunct to the Old O... CDP 2013-8-23
Strongly Urge the Chinese Army to be Nationalized CDP 2013-7-31
The Root Cause of China’s corruption is Chinese Communist Party’s One-party Auth... CDP 2013-7-3
The Seminar of cultural and religious persecution in Asia and its impact on indi... CDP 2013-6-29
Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the China Democracy Party’s Establishment CDP 2013-6-26
Picture Exhibition in Commemorating of the 24th Anniversary of June 4th Event He... CDP 2013-6-6
The Rally of Commemorating the 24th Anniversary of June 4th Event in 1989 CDP 2013-5-29
Chairman Wang, Jun attended Mother’s Day Celebration held in New York Community CDP 2013-5-14
Chairman Wang Jun’s Speech on U.S. Congress Meeting in Commemoration of the 19t... Wang, Jun 2013-5-11
Mr. Wang, Jun attended the 19th anniversary commemoration of Vietnam Human Right... CDP 2013-5-10
Strongly Request Chinese Government to Free Mr. Liu, Benqi, a Member of China De... CDP 2013-5-8
Contributions to care for people living in poverty, a member of the China Democr... CDP 2013-5-4
Contributions to aid the persecution of China Democracy Party member, Mr. Zhang ... CDP 2013-4-2
Strong protests from the Chinese Communist government persecution the member of ... CDP 2013-3-27
Strongly Urge the CCP to Release CPD member Mr.Zhu,Yufu CDP 2013-3-5
Contributions to aid sick member of the China Democracy Party Mr. Wang Sen CDP 2013-3-2
Wish all domestic members of China Democracy Party and families a Happy New Year CDP 2013-2-7
A Clamor to Chinese Communist Party for Freedom of the Press and Speech CDP 2013-1-29
The Rally of “Strongly Urge the Chinese Government to Allow China Democracy Part... CDP 2012-12-26
The Rally of “Ask for the US Government and the President Obama to Pay Attention... CDP 2012-12-24
The really of “Call for the US Congress and the International Community to Pay A... CDP 2012-12-21
2012 New York Queens Winter Job Fair Held in Sheraton Hotel in Flushing CDP 2012-12-15
Protest the Chinese Government to Persecute China Democracy Party Members ------... CDP 2012-12-4
Urge Chinese Government to allow China Democracy Party Member Zhu Yufu to receiv... CDP 2012-11-28
Donate to aid China Democracy Party member Zhang Lin suffered by disease ——Prote... CDP 2012-11-7
Protest against Chinese Communist Government taking advantage of “Protect Diaoyu... CDP 2012-10-2
End Chinese Communist Party’s One-party Autocracy; Establish a Multi-party Democ... CDP 2012-9-25
Tibetan Held“Flame of Truth Relay” in New York——Chairman Jun Wang published a sp... CDP 2012-9-8
Strongly Urge the CCP to Release an Important CDP Leader Yufu Zhu CDP 2012-9-4
“Vietnamese Democracy Appreciation Day” and “Bangladeshi North American Conventi... CDP 2012-9-3
China must practice the separation of powers CDP 2012-8-28
Strongly Protest That Chinese Communist Government Arrested China Democrat Liu, ... CDP 2012-8-7
The President of Southeast Asia Coalition Dr. Hai Van Ha Visited the Office of C... CDP 2012-8-6
The Only Way for Chinese Army is to be Nationalized CDP 2012-8-1
Propaganda Activity of New York Community Leader Ms. Martha in Her Campaign for ... CDP 2012-7-24
China Democracy Party held the Rally in front of the U.S. Congress Calling Peopl... CDP 2012-7-17
Calling the U.S. Government to Pay Attention to Wang, Bingzhang, an Important Le... CDP 2012-7-16
China Democracy Party went to Washington D.C. to Attend the Demonstration and Ra... CDP 2012-7-16
The Activity of Supporting New York Community Leader Ms. Martha to Elect for Sta... CDP 2012-7-6
Strongly Demand the Chinese Community Party to Release China Democrat Wang, Bing... CDP 2012-7-5
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