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Firing Stokes Press Freedom Fears in Hong Kong VOA 2016-4-20
No Deal on Production Freeze at Oil Producers Meeting VOA 2016-4-17
Myanmar President Pardons Dozens of Prisoners VOA 2016-4-17
Ecuador Earthquake: At Least 238 Dead VOA 2016-4-17
2 More Suspects Arrested in Ivory Coast Resort Attacks VOA 2016-3-27
Syrian Forces Recapture Palmyra From Islamic State VOA 2016-3-27
Beijing Critic Says Family Detained in China in Internet Crackdown VOA 2016-3-27
Niger Votes in Presidential Runoff VOA 2016-3-20
13 Foreign Students Killed in Spain Bus Crash VOA 2016-3-20
Exiled Tibetans Voting for New Leaders Print Share: VOA 2016-3-20
Child, Family Protection Centers Set Up Along European Migration Route VOA 2016-2-26
US Congressman: China’s Worsening Human Rights Record Harms Its World Standing VOA 2016-2-26
Asia Faces Challenges as Populations Start to Rapidly Age VOA 2016-2-26
With Nepal Reconstruction Aid, India Repairs Diplomatic Ties VOA 2016-2-20
Britain Reaches Deal to Stay in European Union VOA 2016-2-20
UN Calls for Human Rights Probe in Turkey VOA 2016-2-1
Myanmar Elections Seen as Model for Cambodia VOA 2016-2-1
Documents Show Degree of IS Control Over Life in Its Territories VOA 2016-1-24
Africa Wants Veto Powers in UN Security Council VOA 2016-1-24
Thailand Confirms 2nd MERS Case VOA 2016-1-24
Francis Lays out Case for Mercy in 1st Book as Pope VOA 2016-1-10
UN Special Envoy for Syria Wraps Up Iran Visit VOA 2016-1-10
Tensions Building on Korean Border Following Nuclear Blast VOA 2016-1-9
Anti-Government Protest Turns Violent in Kosovo VOA 2016-1-9
Ghana Law Group Urges Members to Help Electoral Process VOA 2016-1-9
Iraqi Forces Claim Ramadi Liberated From Islamic State VOA 2015-12-28
Militant Attacks in Nigeria Kill at Least 50 VOA 2015-12-28
Indonesia Freezes 26 Allegedly Terror-Linked Accounts VOA 2015-12-28
Israel, Turkey Reportedly Close to Normalizing Relations VOA 2015-12-19
Deaths Due to Guns, Cars Occur at Same Rate in US VOA 2015-12-19
UNHCR: Restrictive Refugee Policies Worsen Displacement Crisis VOA 2015-12-19
Israeli Woman Stabbed to Death, 3 Attackers Killed VOA 2015-11-22
Fear, Frustration Among Refugees in Germany as Terror Tensions Rise VOA 2015-11-22
Brussels Remains on Highest Alert as Police Seek Paris Attack Suspects VOA 2015-11-22
East Europeans Fear Russia Diplomatic Thaw After Paris Attacks VOA 2015-11-18
Myanmar Transition Meeting Pushed to End of Year VOA 2015-11-18
New Islamic State Video Threatens New York VOA 2015-11-18
Tension Grips Streets as Strikes Grind Greece to Halt VOA 2015-11-12
UN Security Council Urges End to Violence in Burundi VOA 2015-11-12
Vietnam, Philippines to Sign Strategic Accord VOA 2015-11-12
Nigerian President Finally Unveils Cabinet VOA 2015-11-11
With Authorities Gone, Local Councils Take Charge in Syria VOA 2015-11-11
Myanmar President Congratulates Suu Kyi on Election Result VOA 2015-11-11
Myanmar Struggles to Finalize Voter Lists for Sunday Polls VOA 2015-11-3
US Satellite Detects Flash At Time of Russian Plane Disaster VOA 2015-11-3
Germany Calls for EU Border Protection Policy VOA 2015-10-29
In China, Mixed Reaction to Two-child Policy Shift VOA 2015-10-29
UN Expert Calls for Free, Inclusive Myanmar Elections VOA 2015-10-29
EU Members Urged to Speed Up Migrant Response VOA 2015-10-27
Myanmar to Fix Voter Lists Before Election VOA 2015-10-27
Kerry Plans Multilateral Talks on Syria Transition VOA 2015-10-19
Mozambican Refugees Face Uncertain Future in Malawi VOA 2015-10-19
N. Korea Calls for Talks on Formal Peace Treaty VOA 2015-10-19
Charges That Some Are Above Law in Afghanistan VOA 2015-9-30
Dalai Lama Leaves US Hospital VOA 2015-9-30
Europe Pledges $1.1B Aid to Refugees VOA 2015-9-24
New York Warmly Welcomes Pope Francis VOA 2015-9-24
Vietnamese Trafficking Victim Reveals Heartbreaking Ordeal VOA 2015-9-24
Cameroon Attacks Amnesty International Report on Military Abuses VOA 2015-9-18
2.3 Million Apply for 368 Office Jobs in Indian State Government VOA 2015-9-18
Migrant Crisis: Croatia Seals Border with Serbia VOA 2015-9-18
Refugees on the Move: Hurtling Towards Hungary VOA 2015-9-13
Nepal Votes on New Constitution Draft Despite Protests VOA 2015-9-13
Germany Suspends Participation in Schengen, Halts Trains VOA 2015-9-13
Thai Opposition Slams Draft Constitution VOA 2015-8-28
Asian Markets Rise Again Friday VOA 2015-8-28
Three Arrested in Discovery of 71 Migrants‘ Bodies in Austria VOA 2015-8-28
Asia Stocks Seesaw Despite China Rate Cut VOA 2015-8-26
Sierra Leone Releases Last Known Ebola Case VOA 2015-8-24
North, South Korea Reach Deal to Avert War VOA 2015-8-24
Global Stock Rout Continues on China Worries VOA 2015-8-24
104 Dead in Chinese Port City, Evacuation Ordered VOA 2015-8-15
UN Urges Thailand to Amend Tough Law Against Royal Insults VOA 2015-8-11
Lawyers: Pakistan Child Porn Sold Outside Country VOA 2015-8-11
Philippines: Chinese Surveillance Ship Parks Near Contested Shoal VOA 2015-8-11
Poland Awards Top Rights Prize to Daughter of Boris Nemtsov VOA 2015-8-5
24 Dead After Trains Derail in India VOA 2015-8-5
Ukraine Grants Citizenship to 2 Prominent Russians VOA 2015-8-4
7 Killed, 20 Kidnapped in Boko Haram Attack in Cameroon VOA 2015-8-4
ASEAN Ministers to Push for S. China Sea Agreements VOA 2015-8-4
Leading Burundian Activist Shot VOA 2015-8-3
Turkish Public Fears Jihadists More Than Kurds VOA 2015-8-3
China: No Talk of S. China Sea at ASEAN Meeting VOA 2015-8-3
Myanmar Opposition Leader Suu Kyi Visits Flood-hit Area VOA 2015-8-3
US Backs Turkey Strikes Against Islamic State, PKK VOA 2015-7-26
US Backs Turkey Strikes Against Islamic State, PKK VOA 2015-7-26
Senegal Court Puts Former Chad Leader Habre on Trial VOA 2015-7-20
Banks Finally Open in Greece VOA 2015-7-20
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