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China Democrat Liu, Benqi(刘本琦) was Charged Because of Speeche
Date: 8/6/2012 9:22:19 AM Sender: CDP
China Democrat Liu, Benqi(刘本琦) was Charged Because of Speeches

(July 19, 2012 news) Today, also the day after Liu, benqi’s detention, his wife Liu, Ying got the No. 201232211 criminal detention notice from the Public Security Bureau of Golmud in Qinghai.

This notice pointed out that Liu, Benqi tried to subvert the state power and socialist system through the way of rumors, slander and so on. He was arrested for this, and now is in custody at the Golmud Public Security Bureau Detention Center.

Liu, Benqi, who comes from Huanggang, Hubei, works in Qinghai Golmud Security Company. These years, he is enthusiastic about internet activities, calling for democracy and freedom, and has published many articles commenting on corruption. But that is all, he does not do anything else.

Therefore, Public Security officers from Hubei, Gansu, Qinghai were keep on doing work on him recently. But his attitude was very tough, and refused to change, telling them that stopping warning him, then he got in trouble.

At present, Beijing lawyer Ding, Jiaxi has been involved in the case, and Liu, Benqi’s wife Liu, Ying has faxed this lawyer the notice.

Lawyer Ding, Jiaxi’s phone number: 15909797118

Liu, Benqi’s biography: Born in 1960s, in Huanggang area, Hubei Province. He joined the army when he was 17, and studied in military school. He has served as a telecommunication solider for about 17 years. Later, he worked in Xi’an. Then he lives with his wife in Golmud.

China Democrat Liu, Benqi

No. 201232211 criminal detention notice from the Public Security Bureau of Golmud in Qinghai

Liu, Benqi and Li, Huaping

Liu, Benqi and Qin, Yongmin

Liu, Benqi and Li, Huaping

The summary of Liu, benqi’s qq speech evidence
First, he was accused of posting the information that E’zhou Hubei will host the first preparatory committee meeting, and Qin, Yongmin will in charge with it.

CDP Liu, Benqi (1272255693) 11:40:43
According to E’Zhou, Hubei police, Liu, Benqi posted online. And the brief meaning is that on July 22, the first preparatory committee meeting will be held in E’zhou Hubei, and Qin, Yongmin will in charge with it. People from Hubei Chinese Communist Security travelled for a long time to ask me for the details. I declared four points: first, I never posted any information like this. Second, I do support this kind of activities. Third, as to such big issues, I will post online again and again. Fourth, I will consult Mr. Qin, Yongmin first, and would never make decision by myself.

Second, calling “holding a demonstration in Zhongnanhai before the 18th people’s congress of Chinese Communist Party”

CDP Liu, Benqi (1272255693) 20:54:07
It would be better if we can hold a demonstration in Zhongnanhai before the 18th people’s congress of Chinese Communist Party

CDP Li, Huaping 13816107496 (1401986604) 20:54:13

CDP Liu, Benqi (1272255693) 20:56:41
Whoever stops people to hold demonstration is people’s enemy. No.35 Chapter 2 in China’s Constitution, it says that Chinese citizen has the freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of assembly, and freedom of protest.

CDP Liu, Benqi (1272255693) 20:57:48
Whoever stops people to hold demonstration betrays the country.

Third, Attacking Chinese Communist Party

CDP Liu, Benqi (1272255693) 22:32:34        
Wen, qiang has left, Wang, Lijun has left. These two strong people working in important places in Chongqing, one died in desperate, one seek for asylum in a miserable situation. They are the victims of their master’s—He, Ting (the current director of Qinghai public security) fighting. Liu, Benqi, who wants to say “take care” to He, Ting, other words came to his ears: it is so dangerous to work for the Chinese Communist party. Brothers, in the future, if you have anything to do with democrats, remember to leave a way for yourself, in case they will try to harm you later. I told that person, “Take care, God knows everything and the moment will come. In 2012, Wang, Lijun openly resigned from the party, it is like a bomb. This means that the Chinese Communist Party will end.”

CDP Liu, Benqi (1272255693) 20:52:03                
We should learn from the Chinese Communist party, collect the information about their mistreatment to China democrats.

Fourth, participating in Li, Wangyang’s case

The time to announce Li, Wangyang’s autopsy report, about 10 Hunan activists are under control.

Chinese Communist party, you do not need to set any memorial archway, make any conclusions. In China, during the Cultural Revolution, whoever was beaten down came from people’s group; and I know, in China, whoever not listen to the authority is the enemy.

First, Liu, benqi’s view on the minority[/b]

CDP Liu, Benqi (1272255693) 22:25:16        
And the captain of Golmud group, by the way, Mr. Wang is taking care of Liu, Benqi’s ideological and political work.

CDP Liu, Benqi (1272255693) 22:25:34        
He is Tibetan compatriot.

CDP Liu, Benqi (1272255693) 22:26:08        
I have a good impression on Tibetan compatriot.

CDP Liu, Benqi (1272255693) 22:25:16        
Of course, I never judge people on his nationality and area.

CDP Liu, Benqi (1272255693) 22:26:57
Three-character scripture says

CDP Liu, Benqi (1272255693) 22:27:13
People are born with good nature.

Second, Liu, Benqi talks about Iran

CDP Liu, Benqi (1272255693) 13:57:17
Some people say Iran is the next target, but I think the direction would not change. It will blow down Syria’s dictatorship building first. Wind comes from the west and all the way to the east. A person continued Liu, Benqi’s saying: Iran is not Iraq, China is not too. The foreign countries do not dare to start a war with China. They cannot benefit at all. Look at them, they always use benefit to measure international morality and justice. No wonder, the former brothers run away one after another. What makes Chinese Communist Party more embarrassed is that the former friends who chose to leave tell people “shirt! it is too dangerous to be friends with Chinese Communist Party,”        

Third, Tang, Jingling forwards the post that the authorities talked to him right before Liu, Benqi’s arrest

CDP        Tang, Jingling (11160916)        17:45:20

CDP        Liu, Benqi(1272255693) 16:50:02
Yesterday I was with Hubei Police, the captain of Golmud Public Security Bureau Network branch Ping, Zhigang came to the company and took away the laptop. Taking advantage of working, he sacred my beautiful Colleague, and also made our company be involved in this. Shit! He even tried to kill many birds with one stone. Did he want everybody be involved?

There are so many government officials like Ping, Zhiping, using the name of “party” and “nation” to scare the public inside the Chinese Communist Party. In the Chinese history, at the end of each dynasty, this kind of thing would happen. For example, at the end of Qin dynasty, they wanted to kill revolutionaries, but many other people in the army were involved too, which lead to their rebel.

I was going to look for Ping, Zhigang today. I called him (his phone number is 13909792566), he said he was in a meeting and would call me back later. So far, the captain of Golmud Public Security Bureau Network branch Ping, Zhigang did not keep his promise and called back to Liu, Benqi. A moment ago, I went to Golmud Public Security Bureau to complain. The worker there took records and called Ping, Zhigang. I did not see Ping, Zhigang, they promised to answer me.

CDP        Liu, Benqi(1272255693) 20:39:05

Fourth, relevant phone numbers

Wang, Jianping 13897057088; Ping, Zhigang: 13909792566;
Liu, Benqi’s wife Liu, Ying: 1590979711




                MZ党 刘本琦(1272255693) 11:40:43
                MZ党刘本琦(1272255693) 20:54:07
                M李化平13816107496(1401986604) 20:54:13
                MZ党 刘本琦(1272255693) 20:56:41
                中华人民共和国宪法 第二章 第三十五条 中华人民共和国公民有言论、出版、集会、结社、游行、示威的自由。
                MZ党 刘本琦(1272255693) 20:57:48

                MZ党 刘本琦(1272255693) 22:32:34
                Z党刘本琦(1272255693) 20:52:03

附:1 刘本琦对少数民族的看法
MZ党 刘本琦(1272255693) 22:25:16
                MZ党 刘本琦(1272255693) 22:25:34                    
                MZ党 刘本琦(1272255693) 22:26:08
                MZ党 刘本琦(1272255693) 22:26:42
                MZ党 刘本琦(1272255693) 22:26:57
                MZ党 刘本琦(1272255693) 22:27:13

                MZ党 刘本琦(1272255693) 13:57:17

                MZ唐荆陵(11160916) 17:45:20
                MZ党 刘本琦(1272255693)16:50:02
                MZ党 刘本琦(1272255693) 20:39:05                

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