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Gao, Hongming, the Vice Chairman of China Democracy Party’s Headquarters of Beijing-Tianjing Areas
Date: 3/23/2009 1:19:37 PM Sender: CDP

Gao, Hongming, the Vice Chairman of China Democracy Party's Headquarters of Beijing-Tianjing Areas

Gao, Hongming’s profile:
Gao, Hongming belongs to Han nationality, and comes from Qing county of Shandong province of China,
In the September of 1994, due to the crime of disturbing public order, he was reeducated through labor for two years.
In November 1999, with Wenli Xu, Jianguo Zha, etc. he established China Democracy Party’s headquarters of Beijing-Tianjing areas, and acted as the vice chairman. Then he arranged and held the China Democracy Party the First National Congress.
In the February of 1999, he and Jianguo Zha set up the China Democracy Party Joint Headquarters, and revised “Joint Headquarters Constitution of China Democracy Party”. Gao, Hongming was in charge of the office of Zha, Jianguo, the executive chairman of the joint headquarters.
Mr. Gao, Hongming was born on May 11, 1950 in Beijing, lived in room No.101 of No.8 building, Tuanjiehu East, Chaoyang district, Beijing. He was arrested on June 29, 1999, owning to the crime of organizing China Democracy Party and holding the party’s leading positions. Soon afterwards he was sentenced to 8-year imprisonment for the charge of overturning the state’s political power, and was depriving of his political power for two years by Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court.
On August 2, 1999, he was sentence to eight-year in prison due to the charge of “intending to subvert the Chinese government” by China Communist Party.
On June 28, 2007, the China Democracy Party member Gao, Hongming was released from the jail.

His current address: Room No.101 of No. 8 building, Tuanjiehu East, Chaoyang district, Beijing, China. Zip code: 100010. Phone number: 85983077




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