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China Democracy Party member Qin,Yongmin(秦永敏)
Date: 12/1/2010 9:14:01 AM Sender: CDP
China Democracy Party member Qin,Yongmin(秦永敏)

CPD member Mr. Qin, Yongmin(秦永敏)

Qin,Yongmin was born on Aug 11, 1953 in Wuhan, Hubei province. He is one of the main founders of CDP and famous democratic personnel.
In 1969 after he graduated from middle school, he was forcefully sent to rural areas as educated youth at the age of 16, the next year he criticized the society in his diary and was found by others, he was reeducated for “hatchet job” and returned to county afterwards, he was recruited in Wuhan Steel Co. in 1976.
At the end of 1978, Qin,Yongmin attended democratic wall movements; he was arrested at home in April, 1981and sentenced 8 years in prison for “crime of counterrevolutionary propaganda and incitement” in Mach the next year, deprived political rights for three years, and was released in 1989.
In Dec, 1993, CCP charged him with disturbing public peace and he reformed through labor for two years and was released at the end of 1995.
In July, 1998, Qin,Yongmin and others openly established “China Democracy Party Hubei organizing committee”, in Nov 30, Qin,Yongmin was taken away by police from home; On Dec. 1st , 1998, CCP officially arrested Qin,Yongmin for “subverting state power”.
On Dec. 22, 1998, Qin,Yongmin was sentenced 12 years in prison.
On Nov 29, 2010, Qin,Yongmin was released after 12 years in prison, and finished his third time in jail. Up to now, Qin,Yongmin has been tortured for 22 years in CCP prison fighting for democratic cause in China.


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