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Important News:China Democracy Party led by Mr. Ju
Date: 3/24/2010 3:59:18 PM Sender: CDP
Important News:

China Democracy Party led by Chairman Jun Wang Exclusively Receives U.S. Federal Trademark

——Shows that it is most legitimate, authentic and influential!

1. China Democracy Party is the unique organization recognized and registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to use the trademarks “China Democracy Party”.

2. We hereby declare: Any other organization doing activities in name of “China Democracy Party” constitutes an infringement of our legal rights. China Democracy Party will keep our legal rights to seek compensation from the infringers.

3. The significant action of registering “China Democracy Party” trademark in United States Patent and Trademark Office shows China Democracy Party under leadership of Mr. Jun Wang is protected by the holy laws of United States because of its legitimacy. It can do democracy movements effectively under the protection of US laws and prevent China Communist Party from destructing development of China Democracy Party in USA.

4. We sincerely thank the protection over China Democracy Party from the US government. We welcome all justice people and democracy organizations to report infringements over “China Democracy Party” done by any organization and individual.

5. Let’s hold hands together and strive for the establishment of a democratic China!




China Democracy Party
March 24, 2010

中国民主党           主席:王军    China Democracy Party    Chairman: Wang, Jun
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