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Supplementary Rules of CDP Organization Discipline
Date: 5/26/2005 2:10:21 PM Sender: CDP
Supplementary Rules of CDP Organization Discipline

Organization Dept of CDP declares: the supplementary rules to a few of CDP cadres and members, who violate organization discipline, will be enforced strictly from today on.
Through the effort of all CDP cadres and members, as well as with the help and assistance of the brother party organizations, Chinese democratic movement is becoming upsurge. However, some individuals of CDP purposelessly slandered and split China democracy movement, which was damaged. In order to make CDP’s discipline solemn and assure the party to develop in the right direction, we will punish violators seriously.
The concrete contents are as follows:
(1) The rules apply to all CDP members and cadres.
(2) That a few CDP members and cadres violate the party’s organization discipline influences CDP negatively to some extent. CDP will criticize, educate and help them. Violators need to correct themselves within limited time period, and write self-criticism paper to the party.
(3) If severe violators will not correct themselves and continue to infringe, the organization dept. of CDP will persuade them to renounce the party voluntarily.
(4) If some CDP members and cadres do not attend the party’s activity over six months, they will be regarded as renouncing CDP voluntarily.
(5) If some CDP members and cadres do not pay their party fee over six months, they will be regarded as renouncing CDP voluntarily.
(6) If some CDP members and cadres damage and split the party openly, the organization dept. will expel the violators from the party according to its organization discipline.
(7) CDP will make the violators known on its website. The member and/or cadre certificate will be nullified. The political protection for the violator will be cancelled as well.

Organization Dept. of CDP
May 25, 2005


中国民主党组织部宣布:对于 个别中国民主党党员及党的干部,严重违反中国民主党组织纪律条例处罚补充规定,从今天起严格实施,望各党组织及全体党员严格执行。
(2)中国民主党党员及党的干部违反了党的组织纪律条例,使中国民主党造成了一定的 负面影响者。中国民主党,首先对其进行批评、教育和帮助。并限期违纪者尽快改正,并向党组织写出悔过自新的检讨书.


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