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How to Secretly Recruit China Democracy Party Memb
Date: 10/5/2004 10:09:03 AM Sender: CDP
How to Secretly Recruit China Democracy Party Members

——Proposed Rules of Organizational Development of CDP

In view of the goal of CDP: After the struggle of ten years or more, build CDP as the biggest political opposition party, or even the ruling party while terminating the one-party dictatorship of CCP, practicing multi-party system and realizing democratic China; in view of CCP is still making all efforts to crackdown CDP all over China, CDP shall unite all Chinese democratic organizations, CDP members, peace and democracy loving people all over the world in an attempt to strengthen CDP and democratic movement forces. Based on the above principle, the organizational department of CDP hereby presents the following organizational development rules:

Clause 1: The scope and area of CDP
(1). The major area of CDP
Major area is in Mainland, China: to build a national party committee and sub-committees at provincial/autonomous regional/municipality/country/city/district/town/village, etc.
(2). Other countries and areas

Clause 2. Organizational development targets
(1). Anyone at or over 18 years old, in any race, gender, with Chinese nationality or Used-to-be Chinese nationality, acknowledgeable and complying to the rules and regulations of the Code of CDP, active in CDP activities, are permitted to join CDP, upon his or her request.
(2). The application may be submitted orally or in writing upon the recommendations of one or more CDP members. CDP shall recognize the membership upon the request of herself or himself witnessed by someone after party censorship is revised in China.
(3). Besides what stipulated in Clause 2, applicants in Mainland, China may directly join CDP by means of E-mails, Facsimililie, phone-calls, etc.

Clause 3: Manners of organizational activities and developments
(1). Any two or above two overseas members may establish a party branch and start its work in the name of CDP.
(2). Any two or above two members in Mainland, China may establish a party branch. The national committee and sub-committees at
provincial/autonomousregional/municipality/country/city/district/town/village, etc.Directors are appointed by the department of organizational development of CDPWU, and shall be appointed through democratic election later on after the party ban is lifted.
(3). The task of the organizational dept of CDP is to train the senior cadres and key personnel, as well as dispatch people secretly to other countries(including those in Asian area) to have CDP cadre training seminar in an attempt to improve the democratic ideas and thoughts of cadres. The trainees mostly come from Mainland, China.
(4). CDP shall secretly send members back to China to provide necessary assistance in establishing different levels of organizations of CDP in order to push the democratic movement forward.
(5). Based on the actual situation in Mainland, China, there are no horizontal contacts among members, sub-committees and members, committees and committees before the party ban is lifted in Mainland, China. The safety of members and the committees which they belong to is guaranteed by means of having members and organizations exposed in public.

Clause 4: About organizational development
The organizational development of CDP shall be focused in Mainland, China since the goal of our democratic movement is realizing democratic system in Mainland, China.

Issue by CDP
Oct. 5, 2004








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