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Code of China Democracy Party
Date: 10/2/2004 12:28:21 PM Sender: CDP
Code of China Democracy Party

Chapter One: Principles
To uphold basic human rights, let justice prevail, develop market economy, protect private property, terminate privileged autocracy, and realize democracy in China.

Chapter Two: Purpose
Deeply involve in the improvement and progress of China while considering the actual situation in China; develop democracy and topple dictatorship by means of gradually infiltrating CCP.

Chapter Three: Goal
To build and transform CDP into the biggest political opposition party or the ruling party in China after struggling for years or even longer. To realize democracy in China while terminating CCP’s one-party dictatorship.

Chapter Four: Functions
Clause 1: To promote China democratic movement by uniting with Chinese democrats, personages, democratic parties, and organizations loving peace and democracy all over the world. To gradually change the obsolete appearance of individual struggle in the past with a refreshed, vigorous,macro-viewing, and comprehensive one. Through our continuous effort, all patriots, democratic personages and people who love China, unite as a whole to fight for the democratic cause of China.

Clause 2: Through uniting all Chinese democratic forces over the world, China democracy movement could develop in a planned manner, while avoiding the internal fights, conflicts and troubles caused by people with ulterior motives among Chinese democratic organizations. Through the union we shall form an honest, confident, vigorous, competitive, and straight-forwarded alliance. The future establishment of democratic China depends on the efforts and contributions of all Chinese.

Clause 3: To hold democratic knowledge seminars for a long term, and enable more and more people to understand and master the essence of China democracy movement by making use of the functions and knowledge of Chinese democratic forerunners and theorists.

Clause 4: Through the practice of China democratic movement, some elites shall appear gradually, from which a leadership may be formed in order to better guide and lead China democratic movement.

Clause 5: To provide consolation and financial aids to those family members of Chinese democratic personages (i.e. family members of those China democrats arrested and sentenced for imprisonment) in order to enable them to lead a normal life or receive regular education. Love and care are shown through these consolations and financial aids, which shall encourage more and more people to join our great justice cause.

Chapter 5: Membership
Clause 1: One can be admitted to be a member of CDP provided that he/she is at the age of 18 or above, files the application personally, involve in the activities of CDP voluntarily.

Clause 2: A member has his or her responsibilities and rights.

Chapter 6: Membership Certificate
Clause 1: All types of membership certificates issued in the name of CDP are considered valid. Any action of denying, changing the validity of membership certificates in any manner and for any reason is unacceptable.

Clause 2: Most members in Mainland, China ruled under the one-party dictatorship of CCP, joined CDP by means of recommendation by friends and showing the will to join or simply filing a registration form orally, etc. As soon as the ban of forming political parties in China is lifted, they will be still recognized as members of CDP with a witness and their personal applications no matter if they have formal printed membership certificates of CDP or not.

Chapter Seven:Principles of Organization
Clause 1: Chairman and vice-chairman are chosen through the general election in representative conference, based on the rule of “The minority is subordinate to the majority”.

Clause 2:Senior cadres, nominated by Chairman and Vice Chairman, are decided through the election in the representative conference.

Clause 3: All party cadres, members are required to comply to the organizational principles and observe the party’s principles strictly.

Chapter 8: Any Amendments to this Code Can Only be Made through the Vote in Party’s Rep. Conference.

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