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China Democracy Party is distributing the leaflets
Date: 7/20/2005 12:27:57 PM Sender: CDP
China Democracy Party is distributing the leaflets of China democratic thoughts in China Mainland

Recently, China Democracy Party World Union has successfully broken through the high-pressure block of China Communist Party. The leaflets have been distributed and posted to part of cities in China mainland and have had a great influence.




Picture1、2、3、4:China Democracy Party is distributing the leaflets of China democratic thoughts in China Mainland.

The content of the leaflets is listed below:
Dear siblings,

We feel concerned about the motherland and people every time, although we have been overseas. Today, I want to tell you, as human beings, that we should be entitled rights, such as freedom of speech, liberty rights, right to work, right to live, right of supervision, right to vote, right to freedom of religion, the right of assembly and etc.

As government, it should try its best to fulfill the historical rights entitled by our people. In order to guarantee the implementation and practice of Chinese people’s rights, so called defend so called “basic human rights”.

China Democracy Party World Union has truly called on Chinese people to actively defend “human rights”. We are in an endeavor to realize Chinese democratization, modernization and advancement!

Welcome to join our China Democracy Party.

If you have any difficulty, please turn to help for China Democracy Party World Union.

China Democracy Party World Union will associate with global democracy organization and power. We also will designedly and systematically carry on gigantic China democracy movement!


Picture 5、6: People in China mainland received the leaflets.

After people received the leaflets, they have carefully and thoroughly read the content, and posed their profound thoughts. We firmly believe that after people realize the democracy, we are sure to welcome a renewable China democracy movement. Only the majority of Chinese people can consolidate together, the ideal of democracy construction will be surely realized.

China Democracy Party
July 20, 2005                                                                                                                                                                                                







                    中国民主党世界同盟,真切号召全中国人民积极行动起来,为维护“基本人权”而努力奋斗 。为中国能早日实现民主化、发达、先进国家而努力奋斗!





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