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CDP Chairman Wang, Jun received a second death t
Date: 7/19/2007 8:31:35 AM Sender: CDP
CDP Chairman Wang, Jun received a second death threat letter

----CDP Chairman Wang, Jun stressed: may I die with no regrets & with

glorious for ending CCP one-party rule, establishing a democratic China!


Pic.1: Picture of Wang, Jun after report the case at 109 police station

[CDP special reports] At 17:30 on July 18, 2007 CDP Chairman Wang Jun went to 109 police station of New York US to report his case. This is the 2nd time that Chairman Wang Jun received death threats after one on June 9th, 2007. This despicable practice has seriously violated the laws of the United States. The police said: the laws of the United States will severely punish the terrorist like practices.

CDP Chairman Wang, Jun was not afraid of the second death threatening letter. He not only feels nothing to fear this time, but also strengthens Chairman Wang Jun’s determination to launch the movement for democracy in China! Wang, Jun believed that to transform the death threats to the pursuit of democracy and freedom, this realistic approach would encourage more Chinese people to join the movement for democracy in China. This would encourage more members of the China Democracy Party to fear no brute force, fear no death threats, and bravely pursue democracy!


Pic.2: Pictures of case report

Chairman Wang Jun also said: as long as all Chinese people join together in the pursuit of democracy, China will be able to end the autocratic rule and realize democracy. The agents will feel ashamed facing the truth and justice.

Facing the death threats, CDP Chairman Wang, Jun stressed again: To die for ending CCP one-party rule, establishing a democratic China, may I die with no regrets & glorious! I will face death with a smile!


Pic.3: Picture of letter contents


Pic.4: Picture of the evelope

CDP Chairman Wang, Jun was listed as the key person by CCP, since he actively led members to protest & demonstrate against CCP. While the Chinese authorities focus on attacking Chairman Wang, Jun personally and through telephone, CDP website was also severely attacked. CDP Chairman were sent two death threatening letters in a row in order to stop his activity of promoting democratic movement.

CDP Chairman Wang, Jun sternly warned: A democratic China is the historical trend! CCP Autocracy cannot stop it! The Chinese people will eventually have democracy, & human rights!

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