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CDP Chairman Wang, Jun received death threats
Date: 6/25/2007 2:01:48 PM Sender: CDP
CDP Chairman Wang, Jun received death threats letter
--Wang, Jun said: justice will ultimately prevail over evil! The dawn
of democracy will shine on the land of China.

[Freedom Special Report] June 21, 2007, CDP Chairman Wang, Jun, went to New York Police Department station 109 to report the death threats letter received & dozens of telephone death threats. Police officers took notes and record the case into the system. The officer also through translation told CDP Chairman Wang, Jun: The United States government will investigate, and do everything to prevent the occurrence of terrorist incidents. The criminals will be brought to justice!


Figure 1: Chairman Wang, Jun with the US NYPD 109 station police officer

According to CDP Chairman Wang, Jun, he and his pro-democracy organization has been standing against the Chinese Communist dictatorship in the forefront, and frequently organize the Chinese Democracy Party members to protest against CCP dictatorship at the Chinese Consulate General in New York, Chinese Embassy to the United States embassy in Washington, the White House, the United States Congress, the United Nations headquarters, in particular with the Xinjiang Uygur compatriots & Tibetans. CDP website: covered report & articles of protest against autocratic regime, assist the development of CDP in China in moral, spiritual and financial aspects. To support the human rights movement in China, Chairman Wang, Jun often led members to join anti-CCP rally & protests organized by Falungong. Chairman Wang, Jun also made several speeches against CCP autocracy at the gatherings. The contents of the speech were reported throughout the world by Medias like NDTV, the Liberty Times, The Epoch Times, Radio Free Asia, Voice of America and other medias. This made Chairman Wang, Jun the most unwelcome person by CCP.


Figure 2: Wang, Jun Chairman takes picture after the report

In particular, in 2006, Mr Wang, Jun led CDP members to assist “June 4th Commemoration,protest against CCP’s killing of students in 1989 democratic movement” Wang, Jun also teach the members at Flushing Libarary, China Consulate General NY June 4th songs, i.e. “Wounds of the history”, “Song of the 89 Battle”. The scene is exciting and he looked solemn while singing. “World Journal” the biggest publication of Chinese newspaper in US reported to the world in 3 full pages coverage. Chairman Wang, Jun was again the most hated person by CCP.


Figure 3: Wang, Jun Chairman takes picture after the report

CCP’s overseas representatives implemented organizational anti-Wang, Jun activities. After “Commemoration June 4th” event, Chairman Wang, Jun received hundreds of phone calls and was also grabbed on the chest on a night walk home. The 911 call saved him with police help, and Chairman Wang, Jun escaped. The police station recorded the case, this prevent further threats.


Figure 4: Threatening contents on the newspaper:
Pathetic, but your children should die. Why?
Because they subvert China, their country. They deserve it!

In May 2007, the Greater New York area, "Memorial of 6. 4" the organizing committee invited Chairman Wang, Jun for discussion. The intention is good, but things turned ugly later. On the same day, Chairman Wang, Jun received organized and planned personal slander and attack! To avoid further issues, Wang, Jun Chairman voluntarily withdraw himself from the meeting of May 26. Mr. Wang, Jun organized “June 4th Memorial” on June 5, 2007 with PFDC Chairman Chen, Ming. Over 300 people joined the event. “World Journa”, “The Epoch Times”, “Liberty Times” reported this super “June 4th Memorial” scene. Wang, Jun Chairman & his organization was again listed as the most unwelcome person by CCP.


Figure 5 : The police report of NYPD 109 station

Faced with death threats, Chairman Wang, Jun smiles & says: "Life has its ending, yet, to die for the prosperity of China, it is worth it! To die for the Democracy of China, it is worth it! In any era of change, the world needs the brave! There also will be sacrifice! Any one who engaged in the democratic movement in China needs perseverance and must not be afraid of sacrifice!


Figure 6: Threatening Letter contents: anti-government, anti-subversion social stability must die!


Figure 7 : mailed to Chairman Wang, Jun death threats envelope mailed to Chairman Wang, Jun.

Chairman Wang, Jun firmly believe: “justice will ultimately prevail over evil! The dawn of democracy will shine on the land of China. I hope every Chinese should live up to its historic mission for the early realization of democracy in China.

CDP Chairman Wang, Jun

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June 23, 2007 in New York, US

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