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Congressman Frank Wolf wrote to chairman Wang,Jun
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Wangjun Topic 发表人 Date
Urging the Chinese Government to Release China Democracy party Members Xu, Guang... CDP 2014-6-9
The Seminar of cultural and religious persecution in Asia and its impact on indi... CDP 2013-6-29
Chairman Wang, Jun attended Mother’s Day Celebration held in New York Community CDP 2013-5-14
Chairman Wang Jun’s Speech on U.S. Congress Meeting in Commemoration of the 19t... Wang, Jun 2013-5-11
Mr. Wang, Jun attended the 19th anniversary commemoration of Vietnam Human Right... CDP 2013-5-10
China Democracy Party (CDP) Chairman Jun Wang Extends Warm Congratulation to Pre... CDP 2012-11-7
Wang Jun: China! Why Rainfall Flood Disaster? Wang Jun 2012-9-1
]Surprising News: Chinese communist special agents attempted to assassinate Chai... CDP 2012-8-14
The President of Southeast Asia Coalition Dr. Hai Van Ha‘ s invitation Letter 1 CDP 2012-8-11
The President of Southeast Asia Coalition Dr. Hai Van Ha Visited the Office of C... CDP 2012-8-6
In Memory of China Democrat Mr. LI, Wangyang CDP 2012-6-8
Jun Wang attended the birthday reception of Cheden Adetsang--the president of Ti... CDP 2012-5-15
China Democracy Party Chairman Jun Wang Attended “18th Vietnam Human Rights Day”... CDP 2012-5-12
CDP’s Chairman Jun Wang: Democracy Can Save China Wang, Jun 2012-4-28
Video:Chairman Jun Wang Attended the Senior Representatives Meeting Held by the ... CDP 2012-3-26
China’s“Two Conferences”don’t represent the Chinese people Wang, Jun 2012-3-17
Invitative Letter: Remembering the Great Famine of 1958-1962: A 50th-Anniversary... CDP 2012-2-13
Wang, Jun: From rights movements to democratic China Wang, Jun 2011-12-2
Chairman Wang, Jun’s appealing to donate to CDP member Wang, Sen suffering diabe... CDP 2011-10-13
Manager of Burma Relief Jeremy Taylor visits the office of “China Democracy Jour... CDP 2011-10-3
Contribution to Against Hunger Rosa Antonelli 2011-9-28
CDP Chairman Wang, Jun participated in the ball fundraiser for refugee boys held... CDP 2011-9-20
CEO Summit Oct 6 Invitation Latinvision Media Inc. 2011-9-15
CDP Chairman Wang, Jun greet people in motherland on Mid-autumn Festival CDP 2011-9-12
CDP Chairman Wang, Jun appeals Chinese abroad to donate to Burmese refugee boys CDP 2011-9-12
An E-mail from Martha 2011-9-10
The crash of Harmonious, high-speed trains highlights the disaster of “harmoniou... Wang,Jun 2011-8-31
Thank letter for the movements of helping Li, Wangyang and so on launched by Wan... CDP 2011-8-12
Invitation to Speak at July 15th (Friday) Rally and Grand March Wang, Jun 2011-7-12
Invitation Letter from Community Prevention Annual BBQ Meeting CDP 2011-6-11
Invitation Letter of Tiananmen Square Commemoratio Rally from Initiatives for Ch... CDP 2011-5-31
Invitation Letter from Harvard Univeristy for June 4th Memorial in Harvard Yench... CDP 2011-5-29
China Democracy Party Chairman WANG, Jun Speech on the U.S. Congress 17th Commem... Wang, Jun 2011-5-18
Chairman Wang, Jun attended 17th Commemoration of Vietnam Human Rights Day at U.... CDP 2011-5-12
China Social Democracy Party committee members visited the China Democracy Journ... CDP 2011-4-21
Chairman Wang,Jun attended opening ceremony CDP 2011-4-7
Chairman Wang,Jun ask political reform in China CDP 2011-4-7
Chairman Wang, Jun had a speech in front of the White House CDP 2011-4-7
Chairman Wang, Jun attended a rally in front Chinese Embassy CDP 2011-4-7
Wang,Jun: Warning: Wu,Bangguo, official of CCP, wants crown prince party to diss... Wang,Jun 2011-3-31
Press Release From the desk of Martha Flores-Vazquez CDP 2011-2-15
Vietnam magazine published China Democracy Party led by chairman Wang,Jun attend... CDP 2011-2-5
Congressman Frank Wolf wrote to chairman Wang,Jun CDP 2011-2-5
Chairman Wang,Jun calls on the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to f... Wang,Jun 2011-1-27
Chairman Wang,Jun calls on the U.S. President Obama to pay attention to CDP memb... Wang,Jun 2011-1-27
Chairman Wang,Jun was invited to attend the 35th anniversary of “World Journal” CDP 2011-1-15
Wang,Jun: Reflection on the two snows in New York,U.S.A. Wang,Jun 2011-1-14
Wang,Jun wishes Merry Christmas to people across the world CDP 2010-12-24
Rally of “Congratulations on Mr. Liu,Xiaobo’s 2010 CDP 2010-12-13
Chairman Wang,Jun received Distinguished Community CDP 2010-12-6
Rally for Liu Xiaobo - Washington DC December 10, 2010 Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation 2010-12-2
Chairman Wang,Jun attended “The Epoch Times 10th a CDP 2010-10-30
Letter from domestic reader Wang,Kai CDP 2010-10-23
Wang,Kai, a reader in mainland China, wrote a letter to Chairman Wang,Jun CDP 2010-10-23
Wang,Jun made a speech in Rally of“Let China Democracy Party Share Political Pow... CDP 2010-10-6
Video: Wang,Jun made a speech in Rally of “Let China Democracy Party Share Polit... CDP 2010-10-6
Video: Rally of “Let China Democracy Party Step On CDP 2010-10-5
Greeting on Mid Autumn Day from chairman Wang,Jun CDP 2010-9-22
Wang,Jun extends his greetings to Chinese fellows CDP 2010-9-22
Another Batch of Newspaper Boxes of the China Demo CDP 2010-9-1
The Letter from Mr. Hai Van Ha, President of the Southeast Democracy Foundation ... CDP 2010-8-6
Newspaper Boxes of the China Democracy Journal Were stolen again CDP 2010-8-2
A Demonstration and Rally for “Disintegrate the CCP and Stop Persecution on Falu... CDP 2010-7-31
Mr. Hai Van Ha, President of the Southeast Democracy Foundation, Visited the Chi... CDP 2010-7-17
Chairman Wang,Jun went Washington to participate t CDP 2010-7-2
Chairman Jun Wang attended the party held by the 1 CDP 2010-7-2
Chairman Wang,Jun went Washington to participate t CDP 2010-6-26
Chairman Jun Wang attended the party held by the 1 CDP 2010-6-18
Video: Wang, Jun made a speech in rally “Memorize CDP 2010-6-3
Video: Chairman Jun Wang’s Speech in Reveal CCP Ut CDP 2010-5-27
Video : Address by Mr. Jun Wang,In U.S. Congress o CDP 2010-5-27
Address by Mr. Jun Wang, Chairman of China Democra CDP 2010-5-14
CCP Organization Stirred Up Ethnic Contradiction o CDP 2010-5-14
Demonstrations at Chinese Embassy! Vincent Metten 2010-5-1
Jun Wang: Google and Yahoo, a Nation at a Side Jun Wang 2010-4-29
Chairman Jun Wang Convey Condolence to Chinese Aff CDP 2010-4-23
US Vice Pesident Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Sent a Lette CDP 2010-4-19
Important News:China Democracy Party led by Mr. Ju CDP 2010-3-24
Open Letter: Chairman of China Democracy Party Wor CDP 2010-3-23
Chairman Jun Wang Sends New Year Greetings to All CDP 2010-2-13
On January 8, 1999, Jun Wang and Other Democrats H CDP 2010-2-12
Flushing Forum: CCP’s Infiltration Overseas and St CDP 2010-1-28
Chairman Jun Wang Placed “China Democracy Journal” CDP 2010-1-28
Video 3: Chairman Jun Wang Inform Rongyao Wang to CDP 2010-1-28
Video 2: Chairman Jun Wang Inform Rongyao Wang to CDP 2010-1-28
Video 1: Chairman Jun Wang Inform Rongyao Wang to CDP 2010-1-28
Chairman Jun Received Deadly Threat from CCP Spies CDP 2010-1-28
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